Innokin Kroma-R 80w Box Mod


Innokin Kroma-R 80w Box ModOver the past several years, Innokin box mods have been synonymous with the vaping platform’s power and versatility. Typically, setting such high standards makes a repeat pe..

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Innokin Kroma-R 80w Box Mod

Over the past several years, Innokin box mods have been synonymous with the vaping platform’s power and versatility. Typically, setting such high standards makes a repeat performance unlikely. But with the latest Innokin Kroma-R 80W Box Mod, not only does this device exceed prior innovations, it does so with an astounding magnitude. Featuring gob smacking good looks and incredible power and versatility in a single package, the Kroma-R 80W is easily your go-to vape device.

Open the package for the Innokin Kroma-R 80W Box Mod and you’ll immediately come to a realization: this device is easily the most attractive product in the vaping market right now, particularly for those seeking classy, artistically inspired mods. Wrapped in a lithe chassis (the Kroma-R stands 5.16 inches tall and only 1.57 inches wide), this next-generation Innokin mod utilizes gorgeously arrayed lines that serve to create a bezel effect across the main body.

Moreover, the design element isn’t just for optical pleasure – although again, you can’t take your eyes off the device! Instead, the Innokin Kroma-R 80W Box Mod is geared for intuitive ergonomics, with the curved elements guiding your hand toward the side-wall integrated firing button. As well, the undulations provide a tactile surface area, giving you a confident grip as well as helping prevent accidental drops.

A distinctive feature of the Innokin Kroma-R 80W Box Mod is the color OLED display screen. Although placed along the side wall, Innokin engineers have done an excellent job displaying all the necessary information about your device and sessions, and none of the fluff. As well, the crystal-clear interface allows you to track your data optically, even through the haze of your dense clouds.

To note, you can select the various menu and mode options via two physical adjustment buttons, located at the bottom of the side wall. This is incredibly convenient, especially for a compact device – a single button format requires cycling through all menu options to get to the desired one if you accidentally make a mistake. This type of smart thinking is an attribute that has always separate Innokin from other vaping brands.

But that’s not what makes the Kroma-R 80W Box Mod’s OLED screen stand out. Rather, it’s that the interface system is integrated with the trigger mechanism. This stacking of resources allows Innokin to save space in the mod for valuable performance functionalities and conveniences.

And one of those conveniences is the power source bay. Unlike other powerful flagship vaporizers, the Innokin Kroma-R 80W Box Mod utilizes a single 18650 high-amperage battery (not included). The incorporation of an external battery allows the end-user to purchase as many replacement units as they would like, extending the portable range of the Kroma-R Box Mod dramatically. Additionally, because it’s a single format as opposed to the more common dual format, you are effectively doubling your capacity.

Underlining the Innokin Kroma-R Box Mod is an upgraded chipset that delivers pivotal performance metrics without compromise. For starters, the firing button catalyzes a response rate of only 0.003 second – in other words, the moment you activate the button, the Kroma-R is ready to go. This immediacy allows both mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DTL) enthusiasts to enjoy the benefits of the analog platform, but without the nasty effects of combustion.

Further, the Innokin Kroma-R Mod’s chipset facilitates a power range between 6W to 80W. Whether you want to enjoy satisfyingly tight draws from the separately sold Innokin Zlide D22 Tank or the flavorful hits of the optional Innokin Ajax Sub-Ohm Tank, the latest-gen Kroma’s versatility accommodates any vaping style or preference.

Better yet, the Kroma-R utilizes several end-user modes, including a new feature called “Curve Mode.” Selecting this function, the box mod automatically monitors the wattage level every half-second, making adjustments as needed to ensure consistent sessions. Plus, with the mod’s resistance range between 0.05 ohm to 3.5 ohms, vape enthusiasts have almost limitless avenues for experimentation.

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Innokin Kroma-R 80W Box Mod Specifications:

Manufactured By: Innokin

Wattage Range: 6W – 80W

Resistance Range: 0.05 Ohm – 3.5 Ohms

Battery Compatibility: Single 18650 (Sold Separately)

Threading: 510

Available Colors: Bronze; Gunmetal; Steel; Black

Height: 5.16 inches (131 mm)

Width: 1.57 inches (40 mm)

Depth: 1.02 Inches (26 mm)


Innokin Kroma-R 80W Box Mod Includes:

1 x Innokin Kroma-R 80W Box Mod

Innokin Kroma-R 80W Box Mod Features:

Stunningly beautiful box mod framework

Premium-grade construction material

Intuitive ergonomics and tactile grip

Side-wall integrated OLED screen

Rapid-fire 0.003 second response rate

Multiple end-user modes

Variable wattage from 6W to 80W

Consistent and reliable performance

100% authentic Innokin

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