VooPoo Uforce T1 Sub Ohm Tank


VooPoo Uforce T1 Sub Ohm TankEclectic and stylish vaping manufacturer VooPoo garnered world-wide acclaim over the past several years as one of the industry’s most exciting companies. Immediately recog..

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VooPoo Uforce T1 Sub Ohm Tank

Eclectic and stylish vaping manufacturer VooPoo garnered world-wide acclaim over the past several years as one of the industry’s most exciting companies. Immediately recognizable for their avant-garde aesthetics and incredible user-friendly functionality, VooPoo sub-ohm tanks are highly desired among both professionals and amateur enthusiasts.

Their latest offering, the VooPoo UForce T1 Sub-Ohm Tank, encompasses all for which the company stands, and then some. Built with expert engineering and craftsmanship, the VooPoo UForce T1 makes a remarkable dent within the rarefied category of premium sub-ohm tanks. The T1 handles everything that you throw at it with aplomb, and delivers enviable performance metrics.

But from the get-go, most enthusiasts will immediately recognize the signature aesthetic qualities that make all VooPoo products stand apart from the competition. The UForce T1 Sub-Ohm Tank by VooPoo is especially a looker, featuring elegantly crafted lines, layered with a knurled top-cap component, as well as a knurled base-ring.

The result is pure functionality and sheer beauty married into one seamless design.

That being the case, the one advantage that all enthusiasts will be talking about is the price point of the latest VooPoo UForce T1 Sub-Ohm Tank. Simply put, few vaporizer devices or vaping tanks imbued with this magnitude of quality and pride of workmanship are offered at an affordable rate. Yet somehow, VooPoo marketing execs continue to surprise us, and no doubt delight their rabid fanbase!

Indeed, as soon as you open the packaging for the UForce T1 Sub-Ohm Tank, you’ll recognize that you’ve purchasing something steaming with eminence and astonishing value. While sub-ohm tanks have generally become rather mundane affairs, VooPoo reinvigorated this aging category with a fresh vision of what the next-generation of vaporizer products can accomplish.

Gone are the needlessly tacky design elements and “shock value” color schemes. In its stead is a carefully strategized vision, most prominently featuring the right amount of pizzazz and embellished with a crisp, inviting sheen on the knurled elements. The overall aesthetic makes even the non-descript e-juice reservoir stand out.

Better yet, VooPoo engineers didn’t overlook functionality when they set out to create the UForce T1 Sub-Ohm Tank. The knurling not only provides a sharp appearance and styling, it’s far easier to grip than “straight-edged” rings. This design element becomes especially critical when you’re out on the road or within the public sphere.

Sometimes, discretion is all about timing – if you need to screw on and stow away your vaporizer components in a hurry, the UForce T1 allows you to do just that.

But segueing into our next discussion is this latest VooPoo sub-ohm tank’s capacity. Topping out at a maximum 8.0 ml, the UForce T1 is truly a force to be reckoned with. For those who must constantly strive with busy schedules, or who find themselves on the road at a moment’s notice, the UForce T1 is a ready and reliable friend.

You’re probably not going to find yourself in situations where you constantly must refill the VooPoo UForce T1 Sub-Ohm Tank. But if you do, the company provides an intuitive slide-to-fill mechanism. Just as the system’s name suggests, simply slide the top cap to reveal a large e-juice port fill. Drop in your liquid gold and you’re off to the races!

Another great feature of the UForce T1 by VooPoo is its advanced quick-vent channel. Designed exclusively for VooPoo’s top-of-the-line products, the quick-vent allows enthusiasts to generate huge amounts of vapor without overheating – and possibly damaging – the tank. Essentially, the quick-vent provides a shorter path from the air-intake mechanism down to the exhaust, facilitating a rapid discharge of excess heat.

This heavily scientific approach for the VooPoo UForce T1 wasn’t implemented for being wonky or pedantic. Instead, the end-user can enjoy intense flavors and mind-blowing cloud production without overheating the VooPoo’s drip tip. Needless to say, the quick-vent system also allows hardened enthusiasts to ride the cloud for much longer than standard sub-ohm tanks will allow.

Included in the packaging for the VooPoo UForce T1 Sub-Ohm Tank are two replacement coils that are considered legendary within the company’s product library. They are the UForce U2, featuring a 0.4-ohm coil head, and the UForce N1, which runs with a 0.13-ohm coil head.

Both atomizer coils are well-suited for the UForce. The U2 coil has a solid range between 40W to 80W, with a recommended range between 55W to 65W. It also uses an organic cotton wick.

The UForce N1 integrates a single meshed coil, and has a broader power range between 50W to 100W; that said, the manufacturer recommends a range between 70W to 80W for best performance. It took utilizes an organic cotton wick.

No matter what your vaping aspirations, whether as a casual enthusiast, a connoisseur transitioning to the digital platform, or a professional cloud-chaser, you’ll find something that will perfectly suit your needs.


Purchase Replacement Coils for the Uforce T1


VooPoo UForce T1 Sub-Ohm Tank Specifications:

Manufactured By: VooPoo

Threading: 510

E-Juice Capacity: 8.0 ml

Body Material: Stainless Steel

Tank Material: Premium-grade borosilicate glass

Available Resistance: 0.13 Ohms, 0.4 Ohms

Recommended Wattage (0.13 Ohms): 55W – 65W

Recommended Wattage (0.4 Ohms): 70W – 80W

Depth: 0.97 Inches (24.6 mm)


VooPoo UForce T1 Sub-Ohm Tank Includes:

1 x UFORCE T1 Sub-Ohm Tank

1 x UFORCE U2 Coil Head

1 x UFORCE N1 Coil Head (Pre-Installed)

1 x Spare Parts Pack

1 x Replacement Glass Section

1 x Chimney Extender

1 x User Manual

VooPoo UForce T1 Sub-Ohm Tank Features:

Incredible new sub-ohm tank from VooPoo

Wonderfully pleasing and striking aesthetic

Knurled design combines both elegance and functionality

8.0 ml capacity gives UForce “anytime, anywhere” performance

Expert craftsmanship and premium-grade construction

Takes incredible power without breaking a sweat

Quick-vent system offers brilliant draws and cloud production

VooPoo includes two legendary atomizer coils

Unbeatable value for your money

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